What does it mean to have a free trial of something?  You give away a limited use sample of your product in hopes that your customer finds value in it to make a purchase.   It’s a very traditional and time-honored technique that businesses have been doing for many, many years. So what do you do if your customer can’t find value in what you are offering in that timeframe?  You use that as an opportunity to assess what you are doing, and make a change.

My partner (Jody Murphy) and I set out to create our business under these 4 very specific guidelines:

We want our product to be super easy to use

  1. We want our product to be super easy to use
  2. We want it to be affordable for any small business
  3. We want to excel at customer service
  4. And we want our customers to get success out of our product

What we recognized with our Free Trial model, is that we weren’t allowing businesses to get to and see #4 for themselves, because in marketing, it takes time to see your results.  Out of our 700+ Free Trials users, only 6% managed to see results in the 7 day trial, which is impressive for them, but disheartening for the other 95% who weren’t provided a good opportunity to truly make an informed decision about our product.

Our goal with making our Basic Plan free for life is our way of showing you that we believe in the product, and the results that you can get out of it if you give it a timely chance.  And our mission to help small businesses succeed starts with this small gesture.

Our system has helped generate over 5000 referrals for all walks of businesses, so come see what we have to offer you as we continuously grow ourselves. We are a small business too, and we believe in making a difference through our technology.

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