“You need a blog!” If you own a business, or if you are a consultant, I am sure this is a “must needed” marketing approach you’ve read or heard about to utilize in your business. You’ve probably also heard that starting a blog is a big commitment, so where do you start? PR Daily recently did an article on the Top 40 corporate blogs to inspire you. Drawing on this article, one company doing it right is Whole Foods Market:

Whole Foods Market Blog

What the Whole Foods Market blog displays is a great content strategy. The first thing to consider when starting your blog is “What do you have to say?” Then turning that into a content strategy. Developing a content strategy from your blog title, your categories and links are key. Let’s break it down in 5 steps so you can start replicating a successful blog plan for your business.

1)    Pick Categories that are relevant

Start brainstorming interesting points about your product or business. Develop relevant need to know topics that your customers would care about. As Whole Foods Market displays, their business revolves around their store’s products and the vendors who provide it. Including categories on recipes, healthy eating and about these products not only gives customers great information to reference for everyday living, but also provides an outlet to link back to their vendors, allow for guest bloggers for recipe submissions all resulting in great content!

2)    A Smart & Witty Blog Title

Don’t be stuffy and simply title your blog “Your Company’s Blog” breath some life into it, give it some character. Create a smart and witty blog title that embodies your business but with a fun carefree feel. Make it noticeable so people will be intrigue to visit it.

3)    Links with Incentives

Whether your company offers coupons or you have resources that provide more value to your customers don’t be afraid to link them within your content or on your sidebars. This creates trust as well as positions your blog as a great resource to access good information that benefits your customers.

4)    Tips and more need to know information

The hottest type of content for blogging is formulating quick tips. Your customers want to know that you are an expert in your field or how to use your products. Providing tips in an easy bulleted fashion allows for quick reference and alleviates frustrations when they are seeking answers.

5)    Photos as a Tool

As we mentioned blogging is a commitment and if you are pressed for time a great way to blog is to include photos and brief captions to accompany them. This way you are constantly updating your blog and creating content around your pre-selected categories.

What content strategy has worked successfully for your blog, if you have one? What ideas do you have if you are thinking of starting a blog? We want to hear from you.

If you want more information on how to blog, a great resource and blog to reference is  10 Amazing Blogs about Blogging to Start Reading Now via our friends at Hubspot.

blogging image via hubspot

Until Next time! Keep on Blogging!

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