Hands Down the Best Social Incentive Sharing Program Ever!

I am one of those marketing geeks that signs up for every promotion, email list, direct mail list, etc.  I am always fascinated to see what people are doing – good and bad.  But, I draw the line at the telephone.  Send … Read More

The #1 Secret to Building a Successful Franchise

Did you hear about that great franchise? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question, but it’s also a clue to the single-most important key to creating a strong customer base for a franchise: Word of Mouth (or WOM) marketing.  People talking about … Read More

3 Ways to Use Social Incentive Sharing to Boost Your Martial Arts Studio

If you have not implemented a social incentive sharing program for your Karate School, you are missing a huge opportunity to bring in new students by leveraging the power of your student’s excitement. Here are three ideas you can use … Read More