This Summer has been hotter than ever!  We are turning up the heat a bit more and revealing our picks for the hottest marketing campaigns that compelled us to take action.

Take a gander as Expect Referrals’ fearless leader, Jody Murphy and yours truly, as we share our top 3 picks:

Jody’s Summer Sizzlers:

Pick #1- Coca Cola Video

Why I like it?

I sit on my couch and so often shake my head at the ridiculous ads I watch when I am not fast enough to forward through on my DVR.  I mean, how stupid do agencies think we are.  I love this ad because it builds on the brand that Coca–Cola has spent decades building.  They don’t need to talk about the benefits of the soft drink; they make you feel good about being a person.  And good people drink Coca-Cola.  This commercial never even mentions the brand until the very end.  Yet viewers are engaged because it creates juxtaposition between what we expect to see (the negative titles) couples with surprisingly positive images.  Maybe I am crazy, but when I was done I was thirsty and went to the kitchen for a Diet Coke.

Pick #2 – Katy Perry’s Text Message Campaign

Katy Perry Movie, Summer 2012 Hot marketing

So, I have to admit that this campaign appeals to me personally because I am a twelve-year-old girl trapped in a 42-year-old woman’s body.  But, seriously, I like how Katy Perry has integrated a strong marketing push for her new movie, Katy Perry Part of Me.  She is not just relying on traditional social media channels to encourage a spark to help sell tickets to her new movie.  Ms. Perry and the folks at Paramount have decided to take the excitement off line so fans can continue to receive messages on the go via SMS messaging.  And that is a smart move because the average attention span of a teenager is so quick they may buy the ticket and forget to even show up.  Plus, how cool is it to get a text message from Katy herself.  You do, really.

Katy Perry, Katy Perry Movie text

Try it yourself by texting keyword KP3D to the short code 82442.  And since text messaging typically experiences a 95% open rate, everyone who participates will get the news they need to know to stay updated with their favorite star.

Pick #3 – Dashing Industries Twitter Follower Campaign

Dashing Industries, Draw my followers, Hottest 2012 Summer Marketing Campaigns

I have heard it said that there are no more original ideas left.  I don’t fully subscribe to that idea, but it sometimes feels that way.  That is why I chose this campaign from Dashing Industries.  They wanted to increase their Twitter followers.  So instead of the typical contest, offer of content, etc. @GregBurney offered to sketch the first 3,000 new followers he gained.  By the end of the day, he attracted over 2,000.  People are inherently into themselves.  It is not shameful so lets just all admit.  @GregBurney capitalized on that by making people’s desire to see themselves into a fun and artistic game.  By the way, in the end, he ended up with 5,000 followers when he started with only 70.  Great job.  You should totally go follow him too!

Michelle’s Summer Scorchers:

Pick #1- Walmart’s Pitball Facebook Promotion 

Not only did this unique Facebook promotion from Walmart garner boat loads of press on, Entertainment Tonight,  TMZ, and among so much more media, but is definitely a creative way to earn more likes for local Walmarts fairly quickly. Knowing that Facebook likes are hard to come by and are noted to cost anywhere between $1.34 to $4.00 via social media expert Jeff Bullas.  The promotional campaign sponsored by Walmart promises to send the rapper to whichever individual Walmart store amasses the most “Likes” on Facebook over the course of a month.

Sheets Energy Strips is the driving force behind the campaign and is a startup energy dissolving mint/ Dietary supplement, back by LeBron James in conjunction with many other celebrities including Pitball himself. Maybe Pitbull thought the promotion would take him to a lovely part of the country, although, that idea totally got derailed after a couple of Internet pranksters hijacked the process by spearheading an #ExilePitbull effort on Twitter and Facebook to send the rapper to the remote Alaska to  Walmart #2711—on Kodiak Island. The store has earned over  60,000 Likes in a matter of days—and employees are totally stoked about the possibility of a visit.

Now I didn’t say this was the most creatively designed ad campaign, but the Twitter force behind the campaign is phenomenal! The ad campaign in it’s entirety actually has been regarded as one the worst campaigns of the year by Adweek. Voting ends on July 15th, so get your vote in for your local store before Pitbull gets shipped off to Alaska!

Pitball, Walmart, 2012 Summer Marketing campaigns Energy Sheets Pitbull Facebook Promotion


Pick #2- Best Job | Proctor & Gamble London 2012 Olympic Games Film 

Although this campaign debuted in May, I still consider it a summer contender as it is a stellar commercial by Procter and Gamble endorsing the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The spot even earned one of the world’s best commercials for 2011- 2012 and a Cannes Grand Prix  gold award.

This commercial tugs at my heart strings and has me in tears every time I watch it. Not sure if it’s the fact that I am mother or that I grew up playing sports and even was training for a previous Winter Olympics until I suffered an injury. But, the bond between a mother and child; how we strive for the best in our children; for them to push themselves, excel, believe in them and who knows; see our child compete in the Olympics one day is an honor only few mothers can ever experience.  This commercial really accomplishes creating a strong emotional connection to customers and earns respect. I even have turned to using Tide myself!

Pick #3- New York Lottery Mega Millions Zombies

Call me an absolute fanatic of Zombie and horror movies, but when I came across this commercial for New York Lottery’s Mega Millions, I fell completely in love! Not just because I am a native New Yorker and had nightmares as a child envisioning the same dessolote New York City streets, which are featured scenes right from the commercial, but because this commercial is relevant, trendy and attracts a younger demographic, who are not die hard lottery players, an exact new target the New York Lottery needs. Created by the lottery’s advertising agency – DDB New York , the underlying tagline for the commercial “You gave me a reason to live” contests the fact would a zombie really surpass eating your flesh and brains for the chance to win millions of dollars?

What has been your favorite campaigns this summer? What do you think of our picks? Let us know what’s on your mind! 

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