What is the Success Package?

When you need a little more than just tools to
have a winning campaign.

Small businesses love Expect Referrals

Our passion is helping small businesses succeed.  And when you need a little more help than just an awesome software, we are here for you.  We created the Success Package for when you want to do more than just gather new leads.  Its when you want to turn those leads into paying customers.

Made By Marketers

As the first referral marketing software made by marketers, we understand what it takes to have a profitable referral campaign.  We wish we could make magic for you, but the truth is that a referral campaign works best when it is a part of a more comprehensive campaign.  We can help you create that campaign and help you achieve your goals.

Why Even Consider It?

WHY should you consider the Success Package add on to your Expect Referrals subscription? Because a referral is a lead. Its a great lead, but it is still just a lead. And like all leads, great follow up marketing is required to help that lead through the referral journey to turn them from a stranger to a customer to a brand advocate.

What’s Included in the Success Package:

Everything you need to get you started on the road to success

1 hour Consultative Call

One on One consultative call with Expect Referrals CEO and marketing expert, Jody Layne ($200 value)

Full Campaign Set-Up

Fully managed Set Up of your referral campaign within your Expect Referrals account ($399 value)

1 Premium Content Download

We will write and design 1 piece of premium downloadable content for your end prospects and customers to engage with. ($500 value)

1 Premium Landing Page

We will design and develop 1 premium Landing Page that provides access to request and download the premium content ($500 value)

4 Premium Nurture Emails

We will professionally write, design and develop 4 premium nurture emails that auto-trigger and guide the referral towards your best recommended call-to-action ($1200 value)


The Success Package is only $1,999 for Expect Referrals subscribers.

Why would you spend time creating and promoting your referral campaign and not do everything you could to get the most out of it. Don’t waste your referral leads by not following up.

Get more information about the Success Package and see if it is right for you.