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Our Favorite Social Sharing Campaigns

Every time a customer refers your business to a friend or family member, they are sharing you with their social circles. So let’s assume that that all social circles overlap with one another. If you have a great product and … Read More

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The Peacock Effect: Standing Out On the Web

Just like when a male peacock unfurls its feathers to attract a mate, getting found on the World Wide Web is sometimes as easy as making sure your brand standards are up to date and the imagery you use is … Read More

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Social Media Tips For New Businesses

Social media plays a huge role in your referral marketing efforts. In fact, it can be argued that social media in and of itself is a type of referral marketing. It gives a platform for people to voice their opinions … Read More

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4 Surefire Keys to Building Your Referrals

Many small business owners site referrals as a top way to generate new leads. However, they don’t have a concrete system or process to intentionally stimulate referrals. Generating more referrals can be quite a simple affair when done correctly. When … Read More

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What’s in Marketing’s Future?

Anyone who has attempted to market their business in the last 5 years knows that there’s often a lot of uncertainty around marketing methods these days – digital vs. traditional? pay-per-click vs. organic? Facebook vs. Twitter? These stumbling blocks and … Read More

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What Prevents People From Giving You Referrals

Businesses rely on referrals for a cost-effective way to bring in new business. Of course, we know that referrals are the best way to grow your business. Maybe your referrals are lacking right now. You want to know why you’re … Read More

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5 Keys to Getting More Out of Your Word of Mouth Marketing

2014 is just around the corner, which means many small businesses are gearing up their marketing plans for the new year. What’s your strategy for reaching your future customers? If you’re planning on using the cost-effective, affordable strategy of word-of-mouth … Read More

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Our API has been released

This news has been long coming, and one that provides a certain amount of joy to finally announce – The Expect Referrals API has been taken out of Beta mode and released to the public! After extensive planning, development, and … Read More

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5 Reasons You Need to Offer Social Referral Programs

Do you need to help your clients boost sales and customer satisfaction? Just recently, we were privileged to introduce a Reseller Program to help you offer social referral programs to your clients. There are a number of reasons why social … Read More

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