Did you know that you could use Expect Referrals right on your own web site?   It is true.  You get all the features, automation and trackability of Expect Referrals without sending customers to our irecommendafriend.com landing page.

After spending so much time getting your website the way you want it, you encourage your customers to go there, you may not be happy to send them somewhere else.  Or you may not like our templates.  It is for all these reasons that we created the Referral Plugin.

It’s even easier to use than the Custom Setup.  Just log in to your account. Go to the ADD-ONS tab and you are ready to make it happen.  First, make your selections to the right – choose the color, font, etc.  Make sure the Customer Incentive Offer is correct and save it.  Then, click the orange button called GENERATE CODE and place the code you get on your own website.  Next, make sure to go to the Custom Setup and customize the SHARING EMAIL and the CUSTOMER INCENTIVE EMAIL because those will be used.  Feel free to set up any of the other features like the Social Setup, Mobile, Custom Form Fields and Custom Coupons.  All features are available for use with the Referral Plug in.

Lastly, make sure to test everything out before you launch to the public.  We are happy to test for you as well, just email us at support@expectreferrals.com or give us a call at 888-850-8207.

And that is how you do it folks!  Keep your brand looking good, keep customers planted on your own website and keep those social referrals happening with Expect Referral’s Referral Plugin.

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