If you have not implemented a social incentive sharing program for your Karate School, you are missing a huge opportunity to bring in new students by leveraging the power of your student’s excitement.

Here are three ideas you can use to increase student sharing with others about your Karate School:

Ask them!  Ask them to share at the height of your student’s excitement. When they sign-up!  Ask your new students within the first couple days of them signing up.  At this point they are excited about joining your school. And don’t just rely on them doing it, give them the tools they need to do it quickly, easily and with fun thrown in!  Give them an incentive for sharing, like 10% off in the pro shop to buy their own new equipment.  Make sure this is integrated into your marketing plan and you are announcing your social incentive sharing program on flyers in your school, your newsletters, and even announcing new students brought in by other students in your school. It will get your program in the fore front of your students minds.

Offer incentives where everyone wins! — Most marketing programs you win. A new student comes in and you make more money. We hope that knowing a student brought in a friend is enough, but we know that is not always the case.  Get your student excited about sharing by making something in it for them!  Why not implement a social incentive sharing program that is a Win/Win/Win for everyone. Offer the referring student a free month of training and the referral student a discount on sign-up! This is a great way to keep your front doors full of new student referrals.

Use the Full Refund System —  This is a simple but an incredibly effective way to bring in new students. The offer could be for the 4th student they share with and signs-up, you get 1 year of training for free. Think about it, you have just tripled your income with the referral from one student.  And the student–would this not get them really excited about sharing with their your friends!?  Not to mention the parents of your younger students!

A good social incentive sharing program is just as important as the rest of your business systems that you implement. Make sure you are not missing the opportunity to get your students excited and grow your Karate School.

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